We offer a variety of classes!

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  1. Demi Pointe Ballet For ages 4 and up (pending interest). Emphasis on technique, terminology, posture and grace.

  2. Ballet en Pointe For ages 13 and older. By teacher recomendation. Further emphasis on the above noted qualities.

  3. Lyrical Ballet For ages 14 and up. Creative expressional movement to modern music. Students are required to participate in choreography, design and creative performance design.

  4. Jazz For ages 5 and up. It is best to have at least one year of ballet prior to starting jazz. Focus on modern adaptations of basic jazz techniques.

  5. Tap For ages 3 and up. Focus on primary tap concepts and style.

  6. Hip Hop For students 8 and up. Propr ballet and jazz experience required. Student also needs to be presently enrolled in either a ballet or jazz class.

  7. Precision Line DancersAprecision ensemble of students accompished in three disciplines of dance (ballet, jazz and tap). All students must be taking all three areas of dance to participate in the ensemble. Participation is by audition only for students that qualify. Auditions are held in June when new dancers are needed.

  8. Competition Ensemble By teachers invitaion only.

  9. Class PLacementAll students are placed with similar aged students and by skill level.

  10. Discipline We strive to maintain a well disciplined family autmosphere. your child will be treated with the highest respect. In return, they are expected to respect the teachers and other classmates. Individuals situations or problems that may arise will always be referred to you, the parent/guardian.